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Why buy hand made pottery? One reason is that the spiral motion of the potters wheel yields a stronger mug. The hand also adds life so that each piece is different. The fire dances through the kiln adding blushes here and fuming there. Blushes are when two pots are close to each other and the chemical in the glaze from one pot valorizes and soaks into neighboring pots. Fuming is when there is bare clay and the glaze soaks deep into the clay and when fired the glass of the glaze melts and creates a line along where the glaze edge. Thus each item assumes its own unique character and look.

All pieces are made of high fire clay decorated in various different glazes to reveal a high quality and desirable product that is micro wave and oven safe. There are no toxic glazes used in any of our products. This means you can safety eat or drink from them.


Sets  Teapots Ewers Vases Platters Gravy Boats Mortars & Pestle  Tea Caddies  Cups Bowls Plates

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